Customer Focus

- R&D
- QC
- Technical support 
- Delivery 
- After sales services

R & D

We have professional agile team, leveraging high technical mastery, who is committed to the highest level of quality in enhancing the performance. 
Our R&D team developing the products to be suitable with global needs with the latest technologies. 
R&D support our product quality compliance to all applicable regulatory requirements to continuous improvement to delight our customers. 
Customer satisfaction shall underlie all of our efforts in development, manufacturing, and technical support.


We have professional chemists who are high skilled and experienced
 We possess well equipped laboratories with international standards, to help them in testing our products & supplying our clients with excellent quality.
QC, also, manages all the process parameters & performance to build the Quality Value in our product, through updated international improvement process. 

Technical support 

Technical service representatives are highly trained professionals waiting to serve you. Each of our scientists possesses hands-on experience and in depth knowledge of the product line that they support. Feel free to contact them if you need assistance in selecting the best product for your research or if you would like help with an item which you have already purchased. 


Egyptian British Co. fully commitment to its clients regarding to the delivery as the following:

-Place of loading:

The place of loading is Egyptian British Co. plant warehouse.

-Shipment and delivery: 

-Domestic Delivery:

Egyptian British Co. have its own trucking fleet which cover all of Egypt 24/7, and we fully committed to delivery our clients on daily, weekly and monthly bases as per our clients’ needs.
Egyptian British Co. also provide a backup trucks in case of any emergency orders for our clients.
We have ISO Trucks, flat Trucks, and vans. 

-International Delivery:

Egyptian British Co. has the ability to deliver the requested orders on time, with the minimum lead time starting from the date of order till the arrival date at destinations Egyptian British Co is committed to its clients shipping instruction and able to handle it

- Delivery schedule: 

Egyptian British Co. is fully committed to deliver the goods on time, as per our client’s need especially in continues weekly/ monthly orders to avoid any problems to our clients. 

-Transportation insurance:

Egyptian British Co. insure all of the outgoing products domestically and internationally against all of the road risks. 

- Documents:

Egyptian British Co. release the following documents for each shipment:
A) Commercial invoice.
B) Packing list.
C) Certificate of Analysis. 
D) Certificate of origin. (International shipments) 
E) Bill of lading (International shipments) 

After sales service
-    Stocks:
Egyptian British Co. stores a monthly fixed stock equivalent to the monthly supplied quantity, in case of any emergency issues for its clients. 
-    Quality stability : 
Egyptian British Co. guarantees the quality stability of parameters in the solid content, (color, viscosity and PH) of each batch (100 ton).  
-    Technical support:
Egyptian British Co. has a technical support team who is available 24/7 in case of any technical problem with any of our products.
-    Technical troubleshooting: 
In case of any problem in our product, Egyptian British Co. takes back the cargo and replaces it within few hours (for Egyptian Clients). For our clients who are outside of Egypt, Egyptian British Co. is responsible to replace the products within one to two weeks, according to the destination of its clients. Then, we exam the product and determine the problem.